These 3 ingredients will keep your grout and tiles spotless!

Cleaning the bathroom is always seems to be a tedious job and nobody is ready for it. The toxic cleaners which we use to clean the bathroom are more dangerous for our health than the dirt accumulated in the bathroom.

The bathroom cleaners normally consist of chemicals along with the bleach. Many people recommend using a gas mask while you clean the bathroom with these cleaner as the toxic vapors are hazardous for our health.

So, in order to remain safe from the chemical and maintain the clean bathroom here is a natural recipe of cleaner for you.

Ingredients you need:
– ½ Cup Baking Soda
– 1 Tsp Liquid Dish Soap
– ¼ Cup Hydrogen Peroxide

The recipe is free from toxic chemicals and will not create any hazardous vapors while fighting off the dirt. Also, it is easy to prepare and the ingredients are quite affordable.

How to prepare your natural grout and tiles cleaner:
Take ½ cup of baking soda in a glass blow and add 1 tsp of liquid dish soap and ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide to it. Mix it well and pour it in the squeeze top bottle. Your homemade bathroom cleaner is ready to use!

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