Discover 8 shocking the unexpected signs of heart failure!

1. Cardiac issues and sexual symptoms
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is an early sign of progressive heart and vascular diseases. Unfortunately this is not common knowledge among most patients.


Erectile dysfunction is the effect of the narrowing and hardening of the artery that transports blood to the penis. Every man that suffers from ED is a patient with an elevated cardiovascular risk. Cardiac issues can also be triggered for a woman due to sexual stimulation. The reduced blood flow to the genitals causes cardiac issues and makes arousal more difficult. It can even lead to a woman not being able to climax. Men between the ages of 40 and 49 with an erectile dysfunction double the risk of getting heart and vascular diseases. If you experience issues with your sexual health it would be wise to also get your heart tested. This is not done often, but it is definitely necessary!