Using 1 tea bag makes sure you will never see another mouse or spider in your house

After making one or two cups of tea, a tea bag usually ends up in the trash. This is such a waste, because you could use it in so many other ways after making tea. A lot of people suffer from mice and spiders in their homes. Due to the fact that professional pest control is often too expensive, many people search for natural products that will get rid of them.

The household remedy in this article fights off pests in a natural and effective way. All that you will need for this is a peppermint tea bag. This solution is cheaper than any form of chemicals or traps or anything like that… After a few days you should be able to see results already.

How it works: Make a little peppermint tea. Then distributed the tea bag all over the house, especially the places where you often suffer from spiders or mice. Within 2 to 3 days your home should be free from the pests! It works best if you lay 4 tea bags in a corner.

But with fragrance oil you can also get the same result. Put 10 to 15 droplets of the oil in an aerosol can and spray it on the window sills and the places where you find many pests. It does not just chase the mice and spiders away, but your home will also smell nice and fresh. Against spiders you can also use cinnamon and lemon oil. Remember to share this useful tip with everyone you know!