Do not let your kids watch Peppa Pig anymore (psychologists are warning parents)

A group of researchers from Harvard University did a study on children’s program Peppa Pig. The results of this study will be very surprising! No it is not a difficult study of atoms, the universe or a new medicine. It is a study on the effect of toddler television on young children.

The cartoons of Peppa Pig are hugely popular with young children. The cheerful pig can not only be seen on television but also comes up on children’s clothing, toys, lunch boxes, reading books and stuffed animals. It is a huge hype among young children. But this pink piglet is less innocent than you might think at first glance.

Researchers warn parents of the effects of this cartoon series on young children. Below you can read why your kids better not watch Peppa Pig anymore.

The researchers found that watching Peppa Pig teaches young children bad behavior. Their study found that young children showed more mocking, confrontational and disrespectful behavior when they had watched much of the cartoon.

At a young age children copy the behavior that they see around them. Peppa is a spoiled little girl who is quite rude to her parents. Her parents do not correct her on her unkind and disrespectful behavior, which teaches children that it is “ok” to behave that way.

I once saw an episode where Peppa and her brother George were asked to clean up their room. They did not feel like cleaning their rooms so their parents made a game out of it. When the room was finally cleaned up, Peppa and George decided to immediately make a huge mess of their rooms again while they had to laugh.

Many parents have already banned the cartoon from their homes after their children were exhibiting undesirable behavior. No one enjoys a child that has a big mouth and is disrespectful at kindergarten or pre-school, right? Do not forget to share this post with others on Facebook because everyone should know this.