12 million women ignore these symptoms for a thyroid disorder!

When we have allergies, a cold or are at a certain age we often ignore the fact that our symptoms may be something different than the flu. Yet it is important to listen to your body. Because your body gives you signals that something is not right.

The thyroid is a gland in the throat and it is responsible for the thyroid hormone, your temperature and it regulates your heart rate. Problems with your thyroid is due to too much or too little production.

This is what a thyroid looks like. It sits at the front of the neck and resembles a butterfly.

Your mood can be affected by your thyroid. That’s because your happy sensors in your brain can be affected. Then, you have a chance of depression or feeling down.

A thyroid disorder can also lead to constipation due to a slow digestion. This symptom is the most common.

Sometimes we like to sleep late but if it is so bad that you really can not get up, then it may be due to your thyroid.

Do you exercise a lot and eat healthy but does your blood pressure stay high? Then check your thyroid. Because too little thyroid hormones leads to a production of bad cholesterol.

Do you feel like suddenly everything has a different taste. Or you can not stop eating? Consult a doctor. This can be caused by a lack of thyroid hormones.

Will you now watch yourself and listen to your body better? Let us know and share this message with everyone you know.