The unusual signs of a stroke a woman should be aware of

Everybody thinks a stroke comes out of nowhere, this is only partially true. Often, your body gives of certain signs which let you know that you are not doing good. Remember these signs so you are able to act fast when you start to experience them.

What exactly is a stroke?
A stroke happens when a part of your brain does not get any blood. The brain cells stop getting any oxygen and they start to die, quickly, which causes minor to major injury to the part of the brain that control your muscles. The severity of a stroke depends on which zone of the brain is effected.

The risk factors
– Diabetes
– High cholesterol
– Drug use
– Smoking
– Not enough exercise
– Obesity
– High blood pressure
– Strange symptoms

The classic symptoms of a stroke are the same for men and women: dizziness, blurriness, headaches, blurred vision and memory problems. However, for women, there are some more specific symptoms:
– Hallucinations
– Shortness of breath
– Hiccups
– Fainting
– Epileptic attacks
– Nausea
– General pain
– Changes in mood and behavior

Think FAST
If any of these symptoms occur, you should immediately call the emergency services. Especially if they are accompanied by difficulties of thinking and communicating. Check on these symptoms:

F – Face dropping: Are the muscles in your face not working?
A – Arm weakness: Weakness in the arms points to a stroke.
S – Speech difficulty: If you know which words to say, but you are not able to speak them then go on to the next step.
T – Time to call the ambulance!

Doctors even recommend going to the emergency room or calling the emergency services every time you think you are experiencing a stroke.

Share this important information with everyone you know. It could save a life.